In 1998 we have chosen an offer of a German company –ARBURG, which is the leading manufacturer of the injection molding machines.  Currently, there are 38 presses on our stock with clamping force from 25 up to 800 tons and injection volume capacity up to 2100 ccm. Among them there are also 3 vertical presses with rotary tables and 2 machines dedicated for 2K production (two components). 35 of them are Improdex property, most advanced injection molding machines, controlled by ALLAROUNDER microprocessor series, equipped with  the SELOGICA system.  The remaining 3 Negri Bossi presses are entrusted by our clients.

The machines have been additionally equipped with: software which optimizes accurately the manufacturing process, molding quality control packets as well as sorting flaps eliminating possible nonconforming components.


Strengthened plasticizing units allow to process technical materials with high levels of aggressive and corrosive fillers and also raw materials with high plasticizing temperature. Our Injection molding machines are fully packed with additional equipment to control the peripheral devices such as robots, manipulators, hot runner systems, hydraulic and pneumatic cores. The additional equipment, which optimizes process and minimizes errors, includes ARBURG, MOTAN, KOCH, PIOVAN automated material circulation dryers;  automated MOTAN dye dosing devices; MOTAN and KOCH granulate dosing devices; conveyor belts with sprue separation, WANNER grinders and central cooling system. Large presses are supplied with granulate through KOCH material central feeding system.


Due to the up-to-date stock of machinery and qualified staff, we are now able to realize orders for the most demanding clients. 




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