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We specialize in production of plastic components for various industries


Share of production per industry in 2016.

We can offer production of plastic components for various industries. It is manufactured on innovative injection machines with clamping force from 25 up to 800 tons.

We specialize in such processes as injection molding, overmoliding and two components i.e. two different materials injected in one cycle.

In addition we make a considerable number of supporting processes such as parts assembling, marking, visual control, painting, screwing and also machining.




  • Since 1998 our company has been producing components for the automotive industry. These are mostly parts and subcomponents  for suspension systems, steering columns, cooling and ventilation systems, transfer liquids and also internal car body. As a consequence of constantly growing percentage in production for automotive industry, today these components are the main sector of our production. 


    The attached photographs show exemplary subcomponents, which are manufactured in our company – at present there are about 250 parts. These are goods manufactured according to clients` specification, using tools entrusted by them, made either in our company or outside. Most of our components are produced for world-known automotive Tier 2 suppliers and delivered to their plants located in Poland and Europe. However, we also make orders for factories placed in Asia, North and South America and Africa.

    Automotive Automotive
  • In 2001 the range of our production offer has widen once we started to cooperate with customers from electro-technical sector. Over the years we have gained some new customers in this sector.


    These activities created the dynamic development through launching production of a great number of new components. Currently we produce over 750 electro-technical components.  This comprises a wide range of technical moldings, ranging from subcomponents to high voltage power switches and switchboxes, components for electro-technical and electrical tools and bodies. Within the range of our products there are electro-technical components with metal inserts and also very specific components made from technical materials – e.g. PEI, requiring high processing temperatures reaching 400 0C.

    Electrotechnical Electrotechnical
  • Home appliance sector is the youngest branch of Improdex activity. In 2010 we started cooperation with a big international corporation which produces kitchen hoods; it brought some new components on our production floor. Recently we have been also dealing with some short production and prototype series for customers in other sectors. Within some time it may strengthen the cooperation, especially in production for food packaging industry or in making subcomponents for toys.

    Home appliance Home appliance
  • Initial activities of Improdex there were mainly production of some elements and accessories for ceiling rails. Over the years we kept developing plastic parts in this sector offering still new products also widening the range of colors. For a very long time we have been cooperating with German company GARDINIA. Today we keep producing interior parts for rail systems such as clips, rings, hooks or supports, however the percentage of this sector is small.

    Below photographs give you an outlook of our offer within accessories for curtain rail and also other products in interior decoration sector.

    Interior Decoration Interior Decoration

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